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About us

Adventures in Dog Walking was started to help ease owner's minds while they are away from home for the day or even just a couple of hours.

I have been an avid dog lover since I was young and took in my first dog the moment I was settled in Calgary. I have two members in my pack - Diego, an 14yr old rescue from Cabo and Mia, a 2yr old mixed breed from a farm.  We pay tribute daily and remember our 'best girl' Bella, taken far too soon by cancer and Molly, my first pup who passed in 2021.

I have a broad knowledge of dogs which I have gained from extensive research and hands on experience, both training and dog walking. I have also completed the Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals I Workshop, instructed by Cesar Millan as well as the Lucas Agnew Learning to Lead Workshop, lead by Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew. Both courses have been invaluable in expanding my knowledge and helping me to become more instinctual in how I handle the dogs that cross my path.

My focus is on long pack walks, allowing your dog to be fulfilled at the most primal level.  No standing around the water bowl for this crew, we spend our time on the move!

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