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"When we got our first puppy, my husband and I were beside ourselves. We never imagined that raising a dog would be such a challenge! I was coming home for work at lunch to let the dog out, but after moving further away from work this was no longer possible. We contacted Sharyl to inquire about her pack walks- and have never looked back!


Our 8 month old puppy has been going on daily pack walks with Sharyl for the last 5 months.  Our puppy comes home happy and exhausted every day- which is money well spent! It turns out the breed we picked can be quite the challenge to wrangle, especially with first time dog owners. Sharyl has been there every step of the way, offering support and advice on anything from canine nutrition to lose leash walking.  Sharyl has also come to our house for some private lessons to help us set boundaries and create structure for our puppy in our home. Again, money well spent! Sharyl is a wealth of information. 


Our puppy went from bouncing off walls to calmly staying where she is put in the evenings, and we couldn’t be happier! We don’t know what we would have done without Sharyl!" - Laura




"After moving from a 5 acre acreage in BC to a small home in Calgary, my 2 border collie x blue heelers were quite depressed, to say the least. I came across an ad for Adventures in Dog Walking and decided to give them a call. I met with Sharyl for a ‘meet and greet’ and signed up for weekly dog walks the very next week. Ever since their first walk my dogs have been happier and finally back to their old selves! They love their walks with Sharyl and their furry friends and are always exhausted for the rest of the day from so much play. In addition, one of my dogs is very timid and scared of new people but warmed up to Sharyl in no time. I strongly recommend choosing this company for dog walking!" - Megan



"We already knew that Cherry was responding to the training, but I'm seeing more and more positive changes. Tonight for the first time in our "alone" (read: no other dogs with us), Cherry initiated play! She ran full tilt with a 10 month old pitbull mix named Marley. They ran until Cherry had to cough! It was awesome to see her run without any fear!

We wouldn't have been able to do this so quickly without your help Sharyl. You are awesome!" - Rebecca



"I just wanted to say that I can't thank Sharyl enough for her help with my unruly dogs! Neither one had any recall and one was becoming aggressing around other dogs. Thanks to Sharyl and Adventures in Dog Walking one of my dogs has 100% recall and the other is at about 80%. After a few pack walks with Sharyl my dog that was becoming aggressive has calmed down and looks forward to pack walks and off leash runs. We're still a work in progress but we are one happy pack!"  - Kris

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